Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I wonder how much will ever get written on this page. Instead of day dreaming and having involved conversations in my head, maybe I will put them down here instead. I do things that others may be interested in ....maybe. I plan to do greater things than I have done so far - that makes my life sound very mundane - which it is not - but I am getting to the age where I am concerned about posterity - how immodest of me!! I went to a funeral once....funeral for a woman I had never met, and the most the rector could say about her was that she was a lovely knitter and had given all the members of her family beautiful knitted woollies. No wonder I cried at the funeral - I was probably crying for myself, scared that that would be all that would be said of me.

Well that is up to me isn't it.

Will this focus my mind upon my life and its doings - will I look more deeply into my motives and actions? That probably is not a really good idea....may discover things I do not wish to uncover.

Well time will tell.