Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Sisters of the Threads

Merry Christmas to everyone on the web....if you are reading this you have probably had enough quality time with your families and need some time with your craft family.  That is certainly why I am sitting at the computer on Christmas morning......sad, sad, sad.  It seems to take so long to put Christmas together with the planning and shopping and all....and then it is gone in a few minutes in a flurry of wrapping paper and bubble wrap.....sigh!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memo to Self - Look carefully at things - you might miss something otherwise

You will not believe this - I started that ABC sampler some 23 years ago - and until it was pointed out to me in this blog I NEVER NOTICED that I had not done the D - Bugger Shit etc. etc.!!!!!!!!!  Thankfully there is enough room to squeeze it in down the right side....MAYBE that was why I stopped stitching it all those years ago....the reason has of course been lost (like a lot of other things) in the proverbial "Mists of Time"   I have noticed that the chart has got very small and very unreadable - thank god for the photocopier at work with the enlarging facility - probably have to enlarge each letter to an A4 page now. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Hong Kong Holiday

Our Hong Kong Holiday:

UFO's from before the Dawn of Time

I have been blaming the Crafty Princess for getting me started on Golden Wood - as if somehow it is all her fault - so I say here publicly that I had a cross stitch problem from an early age.  I offer you photographic evidence. (see above)  The ABC was for the child of a friend started about 23 years ago when Lynn became pregnant.....child is now 22 and I have got up to E for Echidna.....pitiful effort.  The other the cross stitch runner on linen was started even further back into the mists of time.....when I was in my early 20's - which makes it at least 30 years ago.  At least I still have the pattern for the ABC and the threads that came in the for the linen pattern and no basically NO CHANCE of ever finishing it.....but it is interesting like some strange artifact dug up in an archaeological site and displayed in the British Museum.....can you image my partially completed runner sitting next to the Rosetta Stone ...... ??

Friday, December 10, 2010

Led very best thing!!!

Of all places in the world - the internet leads me astray better than anywhere else - it is no longer libraries or bookshops or craft shops.....NO, THE BLOODY INTERNET - but it is still wonderful.  I have so many other things to be doing - Christmas is 14 days away or thereabouts - yet here I am at 830am reading blogs from Denmark and New Zealand and everywhere in between.  I have visited a number of sites where women finish huge number of projects.....but, in my defence they are all small.  What is my obsession with HUGE COMPLICATED projects.  Shining example Golden Wood.  Thinking back to other cross stitch things I have started - there was the Australian Alphabet cross stitch for a friends child - I got as far as  C (I think??) and then life intervened - the child is now about 25 years old.  Then there was the beautiful Danish cross stitch on linen with a single colour....I found it a few years ago in a bag of stuff...and moved it to the top of the day I guess.

No Crafty Princess - it is not your fault - in any way, shape or form - that I have taken up cross stitch again.  You can't blame someone for leading you back to something you love.  Any sort of craft was always a "problem" for me....but also an escape - and I think I need a bit of an escape just at the moment.....consequently there is the quilting and the knitting and now the cross stitch.....mind you without the sort of work that I do - where we sit on our bottoms for 12 hours and can knit or stitch or read a book etc. would not get anything done.

So today is wrapping presents and posting them - starting the Christmas Pudding (which should have happened about 6 weeks ago) and hanging curtain for DD Brigid.  But none of that will happen if I do not get off the BLOODY COMPUTER.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have done very little of Golden Wood this month so far.....Christmas is fast approaching and I have been putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping presents....if only so I can get into the walkin wardrobe and get clothes for myself each day. And Patrick had his Year 10 Formal last night and Kerry and I had to go to a Drinkie Poos Thingy at one of the parents houses last night.  The house was at Galston, on acres, and had it own private lake and the driveway went across the bridge over the lake. The house was equally palatial and had an indoor tropical rainforest just off the kitchen -just in case you felt the need to go and hunt pygmy tribesmen before brekky.  It was all a bit Dallas/Dynasty - just a bit over the top.  I would like to think I would have a different sort of house should I have that (probably inordinate) amount of money.  The lady of the house did not look too happy - so maybe money does not make you happy if you are not.....would like to give it a shot though!!!!

Anyway my little boy is now 6ft tall and very handsome in his suit.  I was pleased in a mean spirited loyal motherly sort of way, to see that there were a lot of boys in Pat's year whose skin was Much much worse than his.  This Year 10 is rather imbalanced on the gender front and there are many more boys than girls....about which I am sure, the girls are pleased.  There were some little princesses in dresses that obviously cost daddy HEAPS and they are gorgeous now.....pity help the boys I say!!

Going to do some ironing and payment for going upstairs and cross stitching......!!!