Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Internet - the great time waster

I have just spent 2 hours (actually it is probably more like 3) looking through Ravelry for a shawl pattern.  This was after I had been browsing through my not inconsiderable stash of wool and found that I had bought (god knows when) 900m of cashmere 2 ply yarn in a lovely soft green.  This discovery came on the same day as I got the catalogue for the Castle Hill Show....always being one who wants to show off my knitting I was thinking of entering this year....and thought about a shawl in some lovely lacy pattern.  Nothing simple and uncomplicated and quick  - NO!! NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS - I am genetically incapable of picking a simple pattern/project/option generally.  So after the above mentioned 3 hours have found a viney lacy pattern with a lovely (but of course complicated border pattern).  But never fear gentle reader now I am a lace knitter of 2 projects I am reasonably confident that I can manage it - whether it is finished by the Castle Hill Show in April is another question entirely, when one considers the Golden Wood competition and the anniversary sampler!!!!  But here is the shawl I just finished

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day to all - Keep Stitching

I have just come back from two weeks on the lake at Toukley - it was lovely and peaceful and the kids behaved and Husband was happy and relaxed - PERFECT.  Got quite a lot of craft done too - finished the lace shawl which I was knitting at Toukley when we went there for a craft weekend last winter and I finished the black knitted wrap and did quite a lot of the Golden Wood - not as much as I would have liked though - but I did have to eat and sleep (well a bit anyway).  But I love looking back at the pictures from the previous month - you lose track of how much you have done - but you feel much better when you look at your progress!! 



I just loved the way that the elf maiden just appeared out the the stiches - just like pixels on the television - when all those little crosses are added together faces and flowing dresses appear before you.

As you can see from the last picture I have bought another kit - but this will be a quickie by comparison with Golden Wood - this is going to be a sampler to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in October this year and I feel reasonably confident that I will get it finished and framed before then.  So I am sure this will give you heart Princess!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Thank you Crafty Princess for your comment about me and my pitiful attempt to have 90 projects on the go at the same time as you do - but you forget that I also have 6 knitting projects to finish....and several in the knitting box and 80 queued on Ravelry....and there are at least 8 quilt kits not started in the sewing room and then there are 6 quilts to be quilted.....and I sat for an hour last night looking at ABC Stitch Therapy and Scarlet Quince....did not buy anything, but have a heap of kits on my wish list.  So don't worry lovie....the cross stitch bug has really caught me......MIND YOU......I WILL still finish Golden Wood before you....but I know what you are doing - trying to sap my confidence about the contest, make me take my eye off the ball and the you will sneak up the inside.....I see it all now......sneaky devil!!!!!!!!  I am going to sweep the floor and brush the dog....and then sew for the rest of the day.....DASTARDLY INDIVIDUAL MORIARTY!!!!

I have to say I prefer the new Dr Watson - but Sherlock does have a wonderful brain

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year confession

I know it is pretty early for a confession.....but  start the year as you mean to continue....I have bought another kit.....I did buy the "Titania" chart from Linda Ravenscroft, but really do not think I will start that until Golden Woods is finished (YES HONESTLY!!!!)  But the confession is that I have also bought a Kit of a lovely Wedding Sampler - bought from England and it is for our 20th Wedding Anniversary this October 2011.  Looking at the picture of the kit on the web I reckon it will take no time at all - there are probably as many stitches in the whole sampler as I have already stitched in Golden Woods....anyway that is my plan.....and you know how good I am at making Plans.....see previous posts for those who do not know.....stay posted.
Hardly any stitches in this at all - it's all open space

This is another story - I really want a small house trained dragon to sit at my feet!!

New Year - the leaves of Golden Wood are thinning - SLIGHTLY

Happy New Year all web crafters who may stumble upon this wishes to you all.

Golden Wood is going along reasonably well....have been at work a fair bit recently so have progressed fairly quickly.  Have finished both pages 1 & 2 - it is a great feeling tearing up the photocopied version of the pages - all covered in highlighter pen - and chucking it ceremoniously in the bin.  Ta Dah and then do a little dance!!!!!  I have got a little sick of fluro yellow highlighter - have just decided to change to pink (sorry Princess) for 2011 - or maybe multicoloured
Wahoooooo can almost see The Wood for the Trees

Wahoooooo the trees are starting to appear!!