Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year confession

I know it is pretty early for a confession.....but  start the year as you mean to continue....I have bought another kit.....I did buy the "Titania" chart from Linda Ravenscroft, but really do not think I will start that until Golden Woods is finished (YES HONESTLY!!!!)  But the confession is that I have also bought a Kit of a lovely Wedding Sampler - bought from England and it is for our 20th Wedding Anniversary this October 2011.  Looking at the picture of the kit on the web I reckon it will take no time at all - there are probably as many stitches in the whole sampler as I have already stitched in Golden Woods....anyway that is my plan.....and you know how good I am at making Plans.....see previous posts for those who do not know.....stay posted.
Hardly any stitches in this at all - it's all open space

This is another story - I really want a small house trained dragon to sit at my feet!!

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  1. Mrs D I really think you should start on Titania too. You only have 2 going in your rotation (well when you start the wedding sampler that is)!!! Call yourself a craftaholic compared to me your sober as a judge! Love ya. xox