Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year - the leaves of Golden Wood are thinning - SLIGHTLY

Happy New Year all web crafters who may stumble upon this wishes to you all.

Golden Wood is going along reasonably well....have been at work a fair bit recently so have progressed fairly quickly.  Have finished both pages 1 & 2 - it is a great feeling tearing up the photocopied version of the pages - all covered in highlighter pen - and chucking it ceremoniously in the bin.  Ta Dah and then do a little dance!!!!!  I have got a little sick of fluro yellow highlighter - have just decided to change to pink (sorry Princess) for 2011 - or maybe multicoloured
Wahoooooo can almost see The Wood for the Trees

Wahoooooo the trees are starting to appear!!


  1. Great progress. It looks really good so far.

    I get sick of looking at the same coloured highlighter. I am forever changing colours.
    Though I have found that pink and green aren't bad on the eyes as yellow!

    looking forward to see more.
    Happy Stitching.

  2. LOL! Mrs. D it's cool for you to use pink. I don't own the colour. You're so cute. Golden Wood is awesome and yes I am jealous at your progress, but also happy for you too. I'm glad you are so excited wahhhhoooooo LOL!