Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Wipocalypse - A FINISH!!!!!!

Actually finished one of the things on my list - mind you it was a small baby quilt...and a cheater panel at that.  But in my defence I did hand quilt around the individual pictures....and the baby I have made it for is only a few weeks old....which is pretty good for me!!  They usually get the birth gift when they are just starting to walk.

It is a flannel quilt and very cute....the animal faces are quite charming....and IT IS FINISHED!!

There has also been progress on The Bitterest Flower cross stitch.  I only have the basket at the bottom to do.  It will be finished by next month.

My husband and I went to the Royal Easter Show today. This is remarkable because my husband went with me. He really only wanted to see the wood chopping, which is a very small part of what is on offer at the Show.  (This event is a Sydney institution of rides and animals, agriculture generally,  sugar,  deep fried carbohydrate, fat and general fun and lots of money changing hands).  But husband actually went and looked at a few other exhibits as well....some horses and some cows (complaining of the smell all the way).  He did insist on sitting at the wood chopping while I went to the Arts and Crafts and saw amazing quilts and knitting and such.  Rather inspiring they were.  Watched a woman from the Spinners and Weavers Guild spinning with a drop spindle. She made it look quite easy.....must go and find the spindle I bought and give it another go.  It would be a big investment of time if you were intending to make a jumper that way though.

I hope all you Wipocalypse projects are progressing well and that you all have a peaceful Easter!!