Sunday, January 9, 2011


Thank you Crafty Princess for your comment about me and my pitiful attempt to have 90 projects on the go at the same time as you do - but you forget that I also have 6 knitting projects to finish....and several in the knitting box and 80 queued on Ravelry....and there are at least 8 quilt kits not started in the sewing room and then there are 6 quilts to be quilted.....and I sat for an hour last night looking at ABC Stitch Therapy and Scarlet Quince....did not buy anything, but have a heap of kits on my wish list.  So don't worry lovie....the cross stitch bug has really caught me......MIND YOU......I WILL still finish Golden Wood before you....but I know what you are doing - trying to sap my confidence about the contest, make me take my eye off the ball and the you will sneak up the inside.....I see it all now......sneaky devil!!!!!!!!  I am going to sweep the floor and brush the dog....and then sew for the rest of the day.....DASTARDLY INDIVIDUAL MORIARTY!!!!

I have to say I prefer the new Dr Watson - but Sherlock does have a wonderful brain

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  1. Damn and blast you discovered my evil plan!!! Bwaahh ah ah ah! Mrs. D. I have been so good not starting any new projects. The HAED BB Freebie SAL does not count. They only send a page every 2 months. But so far this year I have stuck to my rotation and look out Golden Wood is on the next round. XOXO