Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Internet - the great time waster

I have just spent 2 hours (actually it is probably more like 3) looking through Ravelry for a shawl pattern.  This was after I had been browsing through my not inconsiderable stash of wool and found that I had bought (god knows when) 900m of cashmere 2 ply yarn in a lovely soft green.  This discovery came on the same day as I got the catalogue for the Castle Hill Show....always being one who wants to show off my knitting I was thinking of entering this year....and thought about a shawl in some lovely lacy pattern.  Nothing simple and uncomplicated and quick  - NO!! NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS - I am genetically incapable of picking a simple pattern/project/option generally.  So after the above mentioned 3 hours have found a viney lacy pattern with a lovely (but of course complicated border pattern).  But never fear gentle reader now I am a lace knitter of 2 projects I am reasonably confident that I can manage it - whether it is finished by the Castle Hill Show in April is another question entirely, when one considers the Golden Wood competition and the anniversary sampler!!!!  But here is the shawl I just finished


  1. The internet - marriage saver, sanity saver, life are on fire Mrs.D that shawl is fabulous. Glad you got away to Toukley. Have some Cardonnay did we???