Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You are a fine role model Crafty Princess/Serial Starter

Having such fine role models as I do (and finding more on the net each day!!) - and also being able to resist anything BUT temptation, I have started another cross stitch before I have done more than 3 pages of Golden Wood.  Yes, I know, it was on the cards, but I have found that there are several advantages of having about 5 craft projects going at once.  With luck, and as long as you ensure that you do a little of each of them regularly, you actually FINISH several things at once.  I draw your attention to the Dane Shawl, and the Wrong Pink Cardi and the Assymetrical Wrap thingy (picture later)....they are either completely finished or up to the sewing in the ends stage.  May put the Wrong Pink Cardi in the Castle Hill Show...may wait to see how it looks when I block it.....but, as you can see it looks good close up.....maybe lace knitting should be a crafters answer to Sudoku, for warding off to think A LOT!!!!

Lots of lace but that pink has to go - purple maybe!!

So I can now show you the Anniversary Sampler that I have started..........

I have realised that our names are about 3 stitches off centre.....damn and blast.....I will leave it to the end and see how obvious it looks...I have an aversion to reversing stitching and avoid it at all costs. (I know in my heart that it is going to look  BLEEDIN' OBVIOUS) You really have to be very precise with these stitch out and a huge row of stitches does not meet up with another huge row of stitches....not so easy to fudge as it is with the larger all over things like Golden Wood.  So concentrate....concentrate!!!!

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  1. NOOOOOOOOO! You can't turn pink to purple. Breathe breathe breathe Princess breathe! Okay over that now. I hope it's not obvious about your names but even if it is and u might have to frog a bit - it's not a huge amount. I'll even do it for you so it won't be so painful. As for being a bad role model it's payback for the quilting thing. Craft day at my place soon so I can finish that quilt!! Love ya!