Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is Insomnia Catching - if so where do you get it!!!

I have so many things I want to do and get finished I need to become an insomniac.....I have about 6 quilt tops waiting to be from a NUMBER of years ago. I have 97 projects queued on Ravelry.....and a heap of wool stashed away.   I have Golden Wood and the Sampler, and now thanks to my lack of any semblance of self control I have several more charts waiting to be started, and at some stage, finished.  I have also got a plan in my head to do a birth sampler for each of my three kids.....I even have a place picked out on the wall up the stairs where they (notice the plural!!) will all hang when they are finished.  "If wishes were horses all men would ride"

But I have been working on Golden Wood during this block of days at work and have finished 4 pages.....I just love that tearing up of the chart photocopy, all covered with highlighter, and then chucking it in the bin......and all the lovely straight edges on the work in front of you

I have counted and there are only 11 Elvish ladies to go!!!!

I changed the hair colour so it is close to my blondish hair - do you notice that the hands on the hips make me look like I am nagging even on my wedding day - Ah well start as you mean to continue I say!!!!

Here is Bear - a lovely Labrador who loves everyone in the world and want to chew to pieces every other dog in the world - not a very restful dog to take for a walk I have to say....but as charming as he can be with people.  He has the temperament of a lap dog and would love to be able to snuggle up on the lounge in the evenings.......


  1. Hey Mrs. D. Congrats on all your progress on your work. It's bewdiful. Golden Wood is going great guns - but I really think you should make a start on those quilt tops and knitting projects.

    I love the bride with her hands on her hips cos let's face it - it's a stance you've had to adopt ever since the wedding day if not before. And as for "ried" is that dyslexic sex or what???

    As for insomnia maybe we need to become vampires. Can u imagine that? Never needing to sleep and being able to move faster than light. We could get a cross stitch done in a night!!!!

  2. We need to clone ourselves E to finish all the stuff we want to finish.