Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch you are in our thoughts!

Just thought I would post these pictures of Christchurch which were taken a couple of years ago.  I have seen the damage to the cathedral on the news, but I know they will rebuild and it will be beautiful again.  So our hearts go out to all the people who have lost family and friends and have had their lives ripped apart.

All the natural disasters that have come upon us in the recent past just show how little control over our world we really have, and maybe we have to accept that we can't control everything.....But the media really plays on people's apparent need to wallow in other people's misery......wall to wall coverage......Reporter to woman whose house had just crashed to the ground crushing her granny inside......"How are you coping?"......stupid and thoughtless (My rant has now finished....sorry)

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  1. Agree Mrs D re the media coverage, it was the same in the QLD floods. My thoughts and prayers will join yours for our Island neighbours. I hope this will be it for 2011 in terms of natural disasters for the world. Us humans are bad enough creating our own disasters without the help of God! This was a nice piece. Thanx stunner xo