Friday, December 10, 2010

Led very best thing!!!

Of all places in the world - the internet leads me astray better than anywhere else - it is no longer libraries or bookshops or craft shops.....NO, THE BLOODY INTERNET - but it is still wonderful.  I have so many other things to be doing - Christmas is 14 days away or thereabouts - yet here I am at 830am reading blogs from Denmark and New Zealand and everywhere in between.  I have visited a number of sites where women finish huge number of projects.....but, in my defence they are all small.  What is my obsession with HUGE COMPLICATED projects.  Shining example Golden Wood.  Thinking back to other cross stitch things I have started - there was the Australian Alphabet cross stitch for a friends child - I got as far as  C (I think??) and then life intervened - the child is now about 25 years old.  Then there was the beautiful Danish cross stitch on linen with a single colour....I found it a few years ago in a bag of stuff...and moved it to the top of the day I guess.

No Crafty Princess - it is not your fault - in any way, shape or form - that I have taken up cross stitch again.  You can't blame someone for leading you back to something you love.  Any sort of craft was always a "problem" for me....but also an escape - and I think I need a bit of an escape just at the moment.....consequently there is the quilting and the knitting and now the cross stitch.....mind you without the sort of work that I do - where we sit on our bottoms for 12 hours and can knit or stitch or read a book etc. would not get anything done.

So today is wrapping presents and posting them - starting the Christmas Pudding (which should have happened about 6 weeks ago) and hanging curtain for DD Brigid.  But none of that will happen if I do not get off the BLOODY COMPUTER.

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  1. I know what you mean. If I spent as much time actually stitching instead of trawling around on the internet I would have probably finished Golden Wood already. But like I said to you before it's a hobby and it's supposed to be fun, so go at own pace and just enjoy it. End result or no end result it's the journey that's important.