Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have done very little of Golden Wood this month so far.....Christmas is fast approaching and I have been putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping presents....if only so I can get into the walkin wardrobe and get clothes for myself each day. And Patrick had his Year 10 Formal last night and Kerry and I had to go to a Drinkie Poos Thingy at one of the parents houses last night.  The house was at Galston, on acres, and had it own private lake and the driveway went across the bridge over the lake. The house was equally palatial and had an indoor tropical rainforest just off the kitchen -just in case you felt the need to go and hunt pygmy tribesmen before brekky.  It was all a bit Dallas/Dynasty - just a bit over the top.  I would like to think I would have a different sort of house should I have that (probably inordinate) amount of money.  The lady of the house did not look too happy - so maybe money does not make you happy if you are not.....would like to give it a shot though!!!!

Anyway my little boy is now 6ft tall and very handsome in his suit.  I was pleased in a mean spirited loyal motherly sort of way, to see that there were a lot of boys in Pat's year whose skin was Much much worse than his.  This Year 10 is rather imbalanced on the gender front and there are many more boys than girls....about which I am sure, the girls are pleased.  There were some little princesses in dresses that obviously cost daddy HEAPS and they are gorgeous now.....pity help the boys I say!!

Going to do some ironing and payment for going upstairs and cross stitching......!!!

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