Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slowly getting out of the Trees of Golden Wood

Well it is as close to December as you can get so here is the picture of my progress for this month.  Thank God I go to work wouldn't get anything done other wise.  After much effort I have completely finished the first page and took great delight in ripping up the chart for page one - all coloured out in fluro highlighter.  Tore it into a million pieces and tossed it in the bin at work.  EXCELLENT feeling it was....only 18 pages to go.  I am being more organised about how I stitch from now on...no matter how carefully you count you still make mistakes and when you come to fill in other colours they are never in the same places as they were before.  Also I have noticed no matter how carefully you check each 10x10 block of stitches for individual symbols, and no matter how sure you are that you have done all of that symbol in each square, when you thread a new colour and stitch a few stitches.....SURE ENOUGH.....there is another of the last bloody symbols you were doing.....I'm sure the chart changes itself when you are not looking.  Anyway as I am approaching one of the fairies have to be more careful now with correct stitch and colour placement, otherwise the fairies will have eyes where there noses are and ears on their chins.....not a good look. 

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  1. Mrs. D I completely agree about that blasted symbol that somehow gets left over after you've ended the thread in that colour. What is that about. I put it down to sometimes we have a man look at the chart! Keep going stunner it's looking so cool. xo Princess