Monday, November 22, 2010

"Do you have a Plan!!?"

Just like the Crafty Princess I have formulated a plan ("What another one!!" I hear you all say) Yes, yet another plan. I am gradually going to go through all my pictures from England/Scotland and post them and then tell the story of them so do a travel blog thingy and record my trip, before I actually forget what they all were. I may even include my emails that I sent home....some of which were quite funny.

That is plan number one. The other plan is to record the progress of the Golden Wood cross stitch that the Crafty Princess and I have started, and hope to complete sometime in our present lifetimes.

Had taken a picture at the end of the first month of stitching but somehow when I tried to upload it to my computer the damn thing ate all the stuff on the memory stick....which I might add included pictures of Spud's 93rd Birthday (for anyone not in the know who may be reading this - Spud is my ancient father-in-law).
Anyway have taken another photo of Golden Woods progress and it looks quite good in the photo - more definition in the picture than in real life....figure that if you can


  1. Wow you've done so much more than me. I will have to start putting money aside each pay to be able to afford our bet. Or I can get off this computer and start stitching my gorgeous butt off! Good work Elle. xox

  2. Great pics I am slowly working my way through them. My brain can only take in so much before it rejects new information. But they are lovely would like to see more with you ladies in them though. Love from me. xoxo