Sunday, May 8, 2011

A FINISHED SAMPLER - MIRACLE ON MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today dawned a beautiful autumn Sunday - it was Mothers Day and Bee and Tim and I were off to the Mothers Day Classic in Parramatta Park.  We did the 8km walk and raised money for Breast Cancer Research.  I should not have been surprised, but there were over 5,000 walking around the Park....very impressive sight.  The organisers were issuing Tribute Cards for people to wear to remember their loved ones who had been affected by cancer.  It brought tears to the eyes to see how many there were.  There were also men (clearly fathers and sons) who were wearing pictures of their wives and mothers who had died (Oh so sad)  But at the same time there was someone from every ethnic background - Arabic women in headscarfs, and Islander women, and Greeks and Italians and Indians....thousands of them.  But best of all there were women walking wearing Chemo Beanies and a number of women with very short hair (clearly just growing back after chemo) and they all looked happy and well and surviving and determined to continue surviving.  Even my 19 year old daughter, who likes to think she is so worldly wise and cynical said how much she enjoyed the event and how much she had been affected by it all and said that we had to do it again next year.  She was the one who found a Tribute card already on the wall.  It had a picture of a lovely looking smiling lady who had died only 2 weeks before the event.  Her family had put up the picture and surrounded it with white chrysanthemums - oh dear, it was good I was wearing sunglasses - no one could see the tears.

Then the whole family went for lunch....and then rather tired, I must admit, went home and thought I was justified sitting for the rest of the afternoon stitching......AND I FINISHED THE SAMPLER!!!!!!!!

Well there were moments - usually when I had just discovered that something did not meet up with something else, or when I realised I had stitched something in the wrong place and had to unpick - it was at those moments when I wondered if it would ever get finished.  But here is the proof.................

And everything (eventually) met up with everything else - just where it should be.
And here are a few pictures from the Mothers Day year I am going to walk wearing a pink tutu and fairy wings!!!

The great stream of over 5000 people

Love the man walking with his pink fluffy halo!!!!

Lovely Bee and Darling Tim
Look how tall he is....and only 13!!!  He is actually holding me up - too embarrassing to fall down on the finish line!

Hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day and you or no one you know or love are touched by any form of cancer.



  1. A Happy Mother's Day to you too, seems like you had a very special one...How impressive must this have been....I wish I could join you next year...
    Great finish both the walk and the sampler...
    Enjoy the rest ( however can't be that much for you :) ) of your day/evening...
    Hugs from Amsterdam
    P.s. I got a High Tea as a present for my MD

  2. What a fantastic event it must be! Congrats on your finish!

  3. Congratulations Mrs D on finishing the 8km walk and also on the finished sampler. I feel like I felt every stitch along with you. All the heartbreak and jubilation when a peadeer and plant was finished. Awesome work my lovely friend and I am so proud of you for both these awesome achievements xox

  4. Congratulations on your finish! It's beautiful! Congratulations on your OTHER finish, too. YGG on doing the walk--that's wonderful.