Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello to my new readers and thank you for all the lovely comments.  Well the Crafty Princess and Auntie Nene and I went to the Craft Show at Rosehill yesterday.  Our royal personages were accompanied by the Crafty Princess' mum - better known as the Beading Queen and Jen B - better known as Australia's Answer to Martha Stewart.  The Beading Queen will make ANYTHING in beads - and we mean ANYTHING.  But she is a subject for another day....and a blog post all her own.  Sadly the Quilting Queen sent a text as I waited in the ticket queue that she could not attend as she had been nearly washed away in flooding in the City the day before and now had a horrible cold.  She must have been genuinely ill for the Quilting Queen to miss a craft show!!!  Kleenex and Vicks for you Coral.

Bright and early we got there, and thankfully the rain held off, and it was beautifully sunny.  Mind you as we spent all day inside flitting from one craft shop to another it really was off little significance - it could have been sleeting and snowing we would not have cared.

Bought a few things....wouldn't want the other thousands of things in the To Be Done List get lonely......

Kids are funny....I made a Advent Calender for my nephew and nieces....and then my son who is now nearly 15, was most put out that I had never made him above.  At least I have nearly 9 months to get it done!

Bought a lovely pattern for a sampler "Christmas Garden" - this will go on the pile.  The Thea Governeur kit is a large one of Pears and has a matching one of Apples.  They are both lovely, to be sewn on linen,  but sadly I could not afford both, even though they were on special. Will save up for the Apples.  Also bought myself a new 6" cutting square in luminous yellow,I simply cannot see the number on my old square anymore - my eyes are going!!

I have nearly finished a little flannel quilt for a neighbours baby and remembered how lovely and comforting flannel I found a lovely collection of flannels which I will put together (the collection on the right) - JUST FOR ME.  The other bundle of a selection of William Morris prints (another favourite of mine) and I am going to make myself a circular bag to put knitting and sewing stuff in for when The Quilting Queen and I go on our Stitches and Stately Homes I have until next September to get that finished.  Also bought a big chunk of cream 32 count linen for various projects yet to  be completed.

And saving the best till last.....Herewith The Crafty Princess and I visit the Lovely Boys aka Sewitall. Peter and Wayne sell a wonderful selection of linens and evenweave and Aida.  We have named them the Lovely Boys - they really are lovely and very knowledgeable about counts and weaves and colours and measurements.  Thoroughly recommend their website

Peter, mrsdibble, Crafty Princess and Wayne

So after a lovely day.....when even Auntie Nene bought another cross stitch project - we were basically turfed out of Rosehill Racecourse at 4.30.  Now I have even more things I need to get to......hope I can get something finished before June when there is an even bigger craft show at Darling Harbour!!!

Happy stitching to all!!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You did get a good group of Stash - congratulations.

  2. I didn't think you bought that much when you showed me but when you list it like that in your post, man you did well. Bless poor ole Tim for feeling put out for not having a xmas advent calendar and bless him for guilting you into adding to your ever growing stash of projects. Good Work Elle you're a girl after my own heart!!!

  3. Nice haul. Thanks for the heads up re sewitall. I've not come across them before.

  4. Wow you did do well Mrs Dibble. Congrats, glad you bought Tim that advent calendar, thats really cute. Thanks for being the first to meet me at the show, it was lovely seeing you there. Will definately go again next year xxx

    1. Thanks would think that by 14 he would have got out of Advent Calenders....but I bet I will have to put 3 lollies in each little pocket...Considering the number of people it was amazing that I ran into you like you have to prepare yourself for Darling Harbour in your money....more projects to come!!!!!!