Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crafty day with the Crafty Princess

Needed a craft invited the Crafty Princess for the day.  Had intended so do some quilting with her but the pattern she bought did not fit with the fabric she brought with had a fall back position of course....which was cross stitch.  I did virtually finish two quilt tops that have been sitting about for a while....they have progressed to the binding machined on.....but not sewn down by hand.......may finish them in front of the TV this evening....provided I do not drink too much Cab Sav.....time will tell.

As you can see MIRACLES DO overcome by finishing two quilts basically at once....I have not been able to rotate the pictures so that the lights do not appear to be on my walls and the Crafty Princess is not hanging sideways in midair....but thankfully they are small fairly square quilts so you get the general idea.  The top one was supposed to have a pointy edge, but could not face the prospect of binding a serrated edge so squared off the red and white spotty blocks.  Not very happy with the straight machine quilting I did on the rosy one but just wanted to finish TA DA !!!!!!!!!!!

Only two large quilts and one medium quilt to quilt.....and then two half finished kits to finish and then three kits purchased but not started......and then there is the cross stitch....but we will not speak of this, except in hushed tones, in dark of night........

Happy stitching and happy easter egging


  1. Hushed tones in dark of night is how I talk about all my unfinished and purchased (but not started) projects. HA! So, you are accepting quilt orders, yes? :D

  2. Hey Mrs D. Thanx for a great day. I got alot of confetti done. Plus got a lot of gossiping in always good. Congrats on your quilting progress. Lovely work as usual.
    xox Alicia

  3. your quilts are superb! Great job! And I just want the same T-shirt as yours, I love hot pink!
    So it's a problem about rotating pictures...I thought a few seconds that the princess has succeeded somehow to become a vampire! Too bad, I wanted to ask her secret ;)