Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slow Stroll through the Woods of Gold

Have to say that stitching keeps me sane.....home life does weigh heavy upon me on occasions....(only occasions).....too many things to do and to think and to organise, and not enough time to do them.....but when it gets too much I escape upstairs to the very small sewing room that I made out of the walk-in wardrobe....turn on the ipod and have an audiobook read to me and sew.....and it is good for recharging.

Have not done as much as I intended last month...but then never do....but the sampler is looking good, and I will really have to get it finished this year because I have stitched in the date (2011) - not to mention our anniversary date.  I am reasonably confident it will be done before 12 Oct.

And the stroll through the Woods has slowed....mainly because I left my thread box at work for 6 days....I was a bit concerned at one point that one of the loons at work would throw it out in disgust at someone who does craft rather than the mindless computer games they play endlessly for 12 hours....but it was safe in my pigeon hole and I could stop worrying about replacing about $100 worth of thread.....nearly up to starting the sixth page....wahooooooooo!!!only a gazillion to go.

Hope everyone has a great April and you all enjoy Easter in your own ways...rabbits, eggs, peace and quiet, public holidays.....whatever.....and that you all get a chance to do a lot of quiet stitching, and maybe some of us will finish something.   I have a quilt that just needs the binding there is a chance that that will get done...all those chocolate eggs will energise me!!!


  1. The sampler is so charming! I have good hope that you will finish it in time. And the ladies in the wood are absolutely stunning: and if the bet is still on, I think there is a princess who may worry a little about winning it ;) Stitching keeps me sane too, but I think I'm making everyone else around me crazy because of it! Happy stitching

  2. Great progress on both your stitchings.I love your sampler...Can imagine how scared you were about your threadbox.....
    Happy Easter, mine will be at work (I work in a hospital), but probably with loads of chocolate and other food :)

  3. Yes you are right Anojaa the bet is still on and there is a concerned Princess, but I have now made Golden wood my take to work project so will try and give Mrs. D a bit more run for her money!

    It all looks beautiful El! Congrats stunner

    xox Alicia

  4. The sampler is looking great, looking forward to seeing the next wip picture.