Friday, July 8, 2011

Next Big Plan

When the Quilting Queen and the Crafty Princess and I were at the Craft Show we saw the Needlework Tour people.  I have been past their stall every year for years...and always get their lovely brochure...and daydream.  But this time with aiding and abetting from the Quilting Queen we are going in 2013.  The tour starts in London and there are two or three different itineraries....and because it is so far (literally the other side of the world from Sydney) and because it costs so much to get there, we decided that we would do two tours combined.  The Stitches and Stately Homes Tours - Tours A and B, England Scotland and Ireland and then Southwest England and France.....will cost me a bomb but will love every minute of it.  History and stitching PERFECT.  And 5 days off in London in between....happy days.

Maybe we could organise a stitching day in Hyde Park or Kew Garden or Trafalgar to save up now.  So no more buying of stash....will definitely have the stash whittled down by September 2013

Here is the link which has the itineraries and lovely lovely pictures.

 And of course the food......


  1. That sounds fantastic! Wish I could join you!

  2. Pop across the Channel and bring your cross stitch and we will have a stitch in public day!!!!

  3. That will be a fantastic trip - something to really look forward to :)