Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chaos Theory is at hand Little Leaf

I have not blogged recently, but have been reading others know how one leads to another and to another and to another.  So many people write so woman's story of her grandmother had tears rolling down my face...all those lives out there, so different from my own - lives that are moving along steadily - or is it randomly.  Can we plan anything...should we plan anything?  Maybe Chaos Theory has its good points, or is that just an excuse to abrogate all responsibility for our lives and just float along like a little leaf on the surface of the waters of the world.  If you are wondering IS THIS WOMAN DRUNK - no sadly I am not...just a bit is very cold and very windy and very grey...and I should be vacuuming the entire house and folding clean clothes and thinking about dinner, even though I have just finished breakfast.  My life feels rather like Chaos Fact, rather than Theory....trying to keep all the balls in the air at once - but they are getting a bit wayward and I think I just dropped one and it rolled under the sofa....Mr Hoover is calling.

Have a good day - may we all relax into Chaos Theory and not plan too much and just hope for the best!!!  I am picturing myself as a floating leaf.....


  1. Sadly, I'm never drunk when I write either!

  2. Same problem overhere in Amsterdam,I should be ironing but instead I'm reading your blog and feeling a little better knowing I'm not alone in this :)

  3. Welcome Plum...hello Erna. No - geography makes no difference - wherever you are ironing and vacuuming are the same - even if all you had was a dirt floor, I'm sure you have to regularly sweep the wretched thing!!I tried once to relax more about cleaning but the Obsessive Compulsive part of me won out - damn it!!!