Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally something to show (off!!)

Have been busy so apologies for no blogging.  My excuses are a family wedding - my sister got married!! - my eldest son turned 17 and went for his driving test and failed (and was devastated!) and in amongst all that got close enough to finishing some things that with a clear conscience I can show you pictures.

First my sister married Katoomba Court House.  It was very charming and relaxed and friendly and we all blew bubbles instead of tossing confetti or rice.....I am sure the cleaner was happy about that!  

Beautiful bouquet with mixed pink roses and white ranunculus (hope that is how you spell it?)
The flowers went perfectly with the purple dress and the lovely green beads.  

Poor old big son having survived the 120 hours of practice hours that are required - mostly with me A VERY BAD PASSENGER - he then went for his test.  Darling son gets very nervous - he actually said his foot was shaking on the pedals as he started his test.  Oh wouldn't you just love to be able to do some of these things for them (useless in the long run I know but it just tears at your heart seeing them stressed).  On top of that he had to go through the worlds worst roundabout near the motor registry.  It is large, multi-laned and has traffic lights which are pedestrian activated.  During the whole of the 120 hours we had been practising the lights had never been activated.  I am sure that I had explained to him how they worked, and so would the driving instructor, as this roundabout is always part of the driving test at Blacktown Motor Registry.  But even with 30 years driving experience it is A BASTARD OF A THING!!  Anyway the upshot was that he hit the roundabout just at the traffic lights were starting to flash amber....he was close enough to go through them without losing marks, but he was so nervous and so busy making sure that he got through the roundabout that he did not see that traffic lights on the exit side of the roundabout, which by the time he got there had turned red.....FAIL!!  As I say he was devastated....close to tears my husband said - which is a big call for a 17 year old boy.  He was a bit more philosophical about it when I spoke to him that night when I got home from work.....but still, he hates not being able to do he said "I got really nervous mum....I wanted it so much"  Brings tears to the eyes.  So we are still practising and he gets to retry on Tuesday.  (saying little prayer!!)  Have actually bought him a bottle of vitamin based/natural ingredients "Chill Pills" (that is their name!!) and if all else fails the placebo effect will kick in and he will be a bit more relaxed for the next test.  

I have discovered there is a group on Facebook about this BASTARD that tells you something doesn't it.

Then of course I have to face the even scarier prospect of him out there by himself with all the loons who also occupy the road.  God help him!!

Anyway back to crafty stuff.  Did actually finish a couple of things and also took my Wedding Sampler and Bee's Birth Sampler up to the framers to get a quote.  Was pleasantly surprised with the price so that local man at Prospect will be framing them both.  As with most things I get involved with, there were a huge number of frames that I liked and I stood there for sometime playing with them and scratching my head.....but decided in the long run and will post photos when they come back.

Anyway here is what I have finished....I always seem to post quilts without binding....but they do get bound eventually......

This is an Advent Calendar for my nephew and nieces....I have just realised how crooked some of the little pockets are....oh well...too late now. 

Here are pictures of my Kaffe Fasset quilt - I have instructed my kids that I want this quilt in the coffin with me - happy to spend eternity with this daughter was aghast at the thought but I promised her I would haunt her all her days if she did not send me off with this quilt.


  1. OMG I love the quilt, are you sure you want it LOL.
    Fingers and toes crossed for DS for the driving test.

  2. Hi, Mrs. Dribble! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I can sympathize with you about your son's driving test--my son had to take it five times! I figure that it toughened him up! Love your sense of humor and the Kaffe Fassett quilt.
    best, nadia

  3. Love the Advent Calendar and the "funeral quilt"....both gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished cross stitch framed photos when they come back. I'll be saying a little prayer for the driving test Tuesday, and hopefully will see you Tues night with positive news!!!! Thanks for checking out my blog lovie, you should try the parking thing again, its soooo much quicker, just sometimes gets a little tangled. xxx

  4. Hopefully he'll pass second time round, i failed 1st time.

  5. Congrats to your sister! what a beautiful bouquet.
    Sorry to hear that your son didn't pass the first time, it happens to almost everyone. Fingers crossed he will get it next time :)

    Oooo! that quilt is fantastic! Love the colours and the prints on the fabby!
    The advent calander looks fab. I didn't even notice the pockets were crooked until you pointed it out. lol

  6. Oh thank you to all for the lovely comments....yes I failed the test the first time everything crossed for him this time....thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes I will be happy spending eternity with Kaffe Fasset and that quilt....I am sure he will be there to chat with!!!!!

  7. Hey Mrs. D. Lovely lovely quilt. I still feel for poor ole Patrick re the driving test. I hope he gets it on later on today. Give him my love and I hope to see you tonight with a big beautiful smile on your face, telling me the great news that he passed and Number one son is happy again!! You will have to give me the details of your framer I got 2 ready to go as well! xoxo

  8. Congratulations to your sister's wedding and her bouquet is nice and bright as is her future.
    Aww, your son will do better this next time because he now knows what to expect. I always need to see someone go first.
    Ha!! I would want to be sent off with that quilt, too! It's gorgeous!
    Never mind about the slightly off advent calender squares because that is exactly the way I would want mine!