Sunday, September 18, 2011


Have just come back from the Wenty Quilters Show.  Went with Coral the Quilting Queen who, of course, knew most of the people there.  The Wenty Quilters are quite famous in Western Sydney - quite a large group - so large that it has a waiting list would you believe.  Anyway their bi-annual show is excellent and it did not disappoint this time.  It was held at beautiful Linwood House.

The main hall way filled with quilts

Look a long suffering husband passing his time reading about the 
house and ignoring the quilts

The House itself is National Trust - beautiful Federation style with tesselated floors and carving and leadlight (above it the fanlight and side lights for the front door.

There was of course a shop and you will all be proud - only bought two quite small things......this is amazing considering the temptation that there were on offer.  I got out of the well under $100 - this I can tell you is a first!!!!!


  1. Congrats on not spending all your O/T lovie..Well done. The place does look lovely there, especialy the windows.

  2. Oh Lovie it was gorgeous....if you had several million dollars to do it up to close to the original, it would be magic...right in the middle of Merrylands or Greystanes or somewhere. They knew how to live in those long as you weren't the kitchen maid but the Lady of the House!!

  3. Wow it's beautiful Mrs D. Congrats on finishing a project. YAY!!! I love the pic of the DH LOL always the token few at these events. xo

  4. Yes poor bloke....he looked like he wanted to be almost ANYWHERE ELSE!!