Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smelly Feet

What is it about boys and their feet!!  My two sons have just come back from a School Tour to Italy and England (yes!!!! when I was at school the most exciting place we went to was Warragamba Dam!!) They were away for 3 weeks but when they came back they managed to bring with them 4 weeks worth of dirty smelly clothes.  Being spoiled boys (I will throw my hands up here and accept full responsibility !) they were little used to doing their own washing.  But I suspect that their strategy was to do no washing at all (much simpler you have to agree).  So....... the two suitcases were full of NASTY NASTY stuff.  Pity help the rest of the group who sat with them on the 23 hour plane trip home to Sydney.

So the last load has just gone into the machine with the Sneakers From Hell (twice) - sad to wash off the dust from their walk up Mt Vesuvius...but the shoes smelled like week dead dogs.

Have not done any blogging because Tim took the camera with him. But I have actually finished the two samplers and have had them framed.  I have to say they do look good.  The Princess Child who pretends to be so world weary (at only 19) sparked up considerably when she saw the framed Wedding Sampler and immediately claimed it as her own ("After you're dead though Mum!" - I thought it was nice of her to be prepared to wait for my demise - remarkably thoughtful of her really!!

Have also nearly finished the Summer Sampler from Butternut Road, so will show that off when I find the camera in the suitcase (may need to be aired out before I am prepared to put it anywhere near my face).  Will then have to go back to the Golden Wood BAP which was the original motive for this blog.  Did a little the other day and it was so refreshing to be working with Aida with all its nice regular holes....rather than the linen which can cause a bit of swearing and a lot of squinting of eyes!

Thank you all for reading and happy stitching to all!


  1. Charming young lads! :P LOL
    I know too well the horrors of smelly feet.
    In four years my other half hasn't done any washing, or any other house hold chore for that matter. So I am left to wash all the smelly work socks.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of your work!
    Hope the camera hasn't caught the smell lol

  2. Definitely think I should wash to camera cover...or maybe it is my imagination!

  3. Just a tip Mrs Dibble...we're in the Year 2011. We don't need to hold digital cameras that close to our face anymore ha ha.

  4. Except Aunty Nene...when your eyes are old and the camera is cheap and small and the video screen is TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInnnnnnnnnnnnY

  5. I am sooo loving your blog Mrs. Dibble! :) Young boys and hygiene? I have no words... ok, maybe one... yeesh! lol I can't wait to see your cross stitch (and even though I'm a little late to the party, your Kaffe Fasset quilt is GORGEOUS)!!

  6. Dear Diane....thank you so much, pleasure to see you visit. Yes I do love Kaffe Fasset

  7. Ta for visiting QotTC. There is a bit of oooooh yuuuummmm over here to you lady of many colours