Thursday, November 17, 2011

Father in Law gone to God

My father in law - affectionately known by everyone as Spud turned 94 on Monday 7 November, sad thing was he was in a semi-coma in hospital having lots of morphine pumped into him, he died on 10 November.  One of only a few years since I have known him, that I did I not get him a birthday cake.  He loved anything with sugar.....chocolates, biscuits, cake......we even put a bag of lollies in the coffin with him!  Spud couldn't go into eternity without a bag of sweeties in his pocket.

I wrote his Death Notice - 

Spud was a gentleman of the old school - charming, honest, loyal and friendly and would talk to anyone (it was said he was inoculated with a gramophone needle sharpened on the Blarney Stone). He was kind and generous to a fault, but would drive across 3 suburbs to save 20c at the supermarket. His life was shaped by his parents Michael & Henrietta, growing up in Glebe in the Depression in a family of 13 kids. He worked hard, wasted nothing, but would give you his last two bob if you needed it. He married Dulcie (“Skinny”) in 1940 and he lovingly cared for her till her last day in 2008. He was adored by all his extended family and all who knew him 

The pretty much summed him up - a lovely man.  I keep imagining his reception in the hereafter......all those relatives and all those mates from all those 94 years there to meet him.....a lot with a beer in their hands for him....and ALL of them talking at once!

A fellow came up to my husband after the ceremony and hoped he did not mind him coming to the funeral, but he had read the death notice in the paper and felt he had to come and see the sort of fellow who had that written about him.  So I am glad I was able to do something special for you Spud right at the very end.  Lots of people will miss you.


  1. Sorry to read your sad news. You wrote a lovely death notice for him, it sounds like he was quite a character. Hope your family is doing OK.

  2. What a touching, loving notice you wrote for him. When I look at his picture, I can't help but smile. I'll be holding you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, Mrs. Dibble. (((hugs))), di

  3. Wow that is truly beautiful. That someone would come to a funeral based on what was written. Sounds like a great guy, I'm glad you got to have him in your life

  4. Thank you to all....we are all doing pretty well...the last month has been a bit of a torture - not least for Spud....but there is no more pain. Once the tears stop there will be nothing but hapy memories...he was definitely a character. Love to you all.

  5. Hey Mrs Dibble,
    I'm glad Spuddy is no longer in any pain and that he can walk and run again without that walking frame, having a drink with all his mates who have been patiently waiting for him.

    Give my love to all at home especially to Kerry. I hope you guys are getting through it ok.

    I'll see you on Monday. Love you lots xox Alicia

  6. Hello Mrs Dibble, I didn't realise Spuddy had gone yet either. I'm so sorry but in another way I am so happy that he is with "Skinny" again and the rest of his buddies up there celebrating. I'm sure the party is still going strong. You wrote a beautiful Death Notice. If I need one in the future do you think you could whip one up for me ha ha xxxx. Thinking of you and all the family.