Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea - Bondi to Tamarama

Number 2 son and I went to the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition on Friday.  They are doing very little at school and he is artistic, and we really needed a day out.  So we took the bus to Bondi Beach - along with THOUSANDS of other people.  Mainly tourists I suspect, but it was packed.

The sculptures are installed along the Coastal Path from North Bondi to Tamarama Beach - which is about 2 kms long running right along the cliff top with beautiful windcarved rocks and rock ledges and grassed areas.  All perfect for exhibiting large sculptures.  

A lifesized herd of zebras at Bondi!!!!

This is my favourite .... such a clever use of the location....want it in my garden - by Juan Pablo Pinto & Clary Akon out of galvanised steel and is worth $18500

Used to have a tap set just like this in our old bathroom

This is my other favourite.....beautifully and painstaking mosaic  by Deborah Halpern "Ship of Fools" worth $145,000

A lovely day was had by all.  And, even better, when I got home my new project had arrived - Glorafilia Swans needlepoint cushion.....another one to add to the queue.  But how quick will it be!!??  It is tent stitch, so I only have to sew it once....and it is on 14 count canvas.....get it done at light speed!!!!  (Yeah I know "Dream On!!")  Oh Insomnia where art Thou??

Hope all is well with you all....and don't forget LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Happy Stitching


  1. Oh man Mrs D those swans are awesome. You described them to me an we did a little google search but the pics u posted are amazing!!! The coastal exhibition...too cool. I love the faucets. Happy you had a great day with son, (assuming Tim can't see this being Pat's wahoo) and visited some incredible artistic wahoos!. Miss u gorgeous girl xoxo Princes

  2. Princess --not sure what happened to the extra S may have drowned in my Chardonnay!!

  3. Love the pictures lovie, I think you missed your calling as a photographer. Also love the swans....hurry up and finish them so you can buy the cute kitty tapestry. Miss you also xxx See you Wed night.

  4. Thank you lovely girls.....miss you....but can't say I miss being at work....could easily get used to this lady of leisure stuff. Love Mrs D