Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh BOTHER - I may have to reverse stitch

Could not work out why the flowers I had stitched in the border of the Anniversary Sampler were further from the inner border than it showed on the pattern.......then the horrible realisation dawned................*&&%$%&^%%$%)$#%  The first leaf was wrong...and that was the one that a lined all the others up from.  I know I said how I liked samplers because they chimed with the OCD side of my personality.....but I did not take into account my inability to count or to concentrate all the time and get the bloody thing right.  One stitch out and DISASTER can ensue.

So, I have 3 options -  * unpicked the whole right hand border (hardly an option)
                                 * rejig the offending leaf and unpick and resew the right hand side
                                    of the inner border
                                 * leave it just as it is...and hope it is not too obvious

Cannot face the first option, averse as I am to unpicking anything.

Option 3 I know will not be good as I will see it forever and it will drive me crazy, plus I would have to dodgy up the other side of the inner border and do the corresponding leaf with an extra long, no can't face that option - samplers are by definition very neat and balanced and, I have to admit, just a tiny bit anal (in the nicest possible way you understand).  Anyway here are some will see how much I have done and hopefully understand how I cannot go with unpicking......

See double leaf thingy right at the top corner of the 
inner border....
longer stem than the others - and of course lined it up
2 crosses in from 
the inner border....if I unpick it and resew and move the inner
border over a 
stitch or two balance and harmony will be restored - with the
least amount 
of unpicking (always to be desired)

Could just spit....2 stitches out....that is all it takes - Golden Wood with it
flexibility seems almost restful by comparison


  1. OH NO!!!! This is the prob with samplers you don't have adjacent stitches to go off. I think the option listed above is the best way to go. Just frog the leaf and move the inner border over. It's not that noticeable I had to really hunt for the error and only found it cos u said it was there. But I know I know - you will know it's there. And I want you to look at the sampler with love and fondness and not regret that you didn't take the time to fix the mistake. Love ya - see u sunday and will give u big hugs xoxo

  2. Yes thanks lovie....I have decided that is what I will do....but the momentum is gone at the back to Golden Wood and I will fix the sampler on the next round....I am onto the second Elvish lady in the Wood and have discovered I have made a mistake on the face (of all places)so have to do some reverse sewing there too.....(BIG SIGH)

  3. Or option 4....stick to quilting for sanity sake.

    Love ya E

  4. least if you make a mistake in a quilt you can quilt it out....(generally speaking) !!!!!