Monday, March 14, 2011

Photographic evidence of my Complete Insanity

Well here are the pictures stitchers....what I bought at the Craft Expo....not bad for a woman who only went to buy a magnetic magnifying thingy for my pattern board - this I hasten to point out I did actually buy.....along with all this lot.......................

Well now you can see what I mean.....I never do anything small or uncomplicated....or likely to be finished in a lifetime......the sampler at the bottom by Jeannette Douglas is not just cross stitch it is all sorts of stitches I have never seen before and thankfully it comes with a very good booklet of directions for each little section....but when compared to the other things I bought the sampler will be blissfully easy and quick.....told you.....sheer 19 year old daughter used to stitch when she was little, hope the bug bites her again when she is a little older or when I am dead because I would like to think that all these kits and charts will be finished by someone in my family....maybe I could leave them to you Crafty Princess!!!???


  1. Oh Mrs Dibble thank you for thinking of me in to inherit your cross stitches I'll add them to my stash. I've decided I'm going to live forever anyway so I will need a lot of projects to keep me occupied in my immortal life. I really love the chart with the dragon and the Princess(?). It's so beautiful and the Forest door is so cute. Great choices xo

  2. Maybe I could get the Forest Door finished to celebrate the release of the Hobbit Movie....the door is very Hobbit Like.....can only hope (selfishly) that it is a while into the future, what with earthquakes and Peter Jackson have ulcers and whatnot......